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Doll Valley by Beth Buxton and Jill Beth Hannes

In the vast desert of Joshua Tree, California we find a Woman in complete isolation, with no one for company but her doll Tabitha Su. We see a sense of faded glamour from a previous life, who or what is she escaping from, will her fantasy world free or entomb her?

The self imposed solitude leads to a growing detachment from reality as her obsession with Tabitha intensifies, obscuring omnitude with delusion. She physically imitates Tabitha Su, thus diminishing her own sense of self whilst projecting a consciousness onto an otherwise inanimate object. Is she losing her identity or is it being taken?

Directors: Beth Buxton and Jill Beth Hannes
Production: Red Thread Journal
DOP: Jill Beth Hannes
1st AD: Heather J. Ryan
Editor: Jonny Sanders
Actress/Model: Erika Stasiuleviciute
Doll: Tabitha Su
Casting Director: Dean Goodman
Make up: Georgina Hamed
Styling: Beth Buxton
Soundtrack: Mark Nicholls
Fashion Assistant: Elodie Purcell
Fashion Assistant: Michelle Fredlund
Location: Joshua Tree, California

Clothes in order of appearance:
Pink Dress by Naya Rea
Dress and Black Pinafore by Roberts Wood
Boots by Christian Louboutin
Ruffle shirt Dress by Nabil Nayal
White Lace Dress by Bora Aksu
White Check Dress by Bora Aksu
Blue Dress by Bora Aksu
Gingham Skirt and Jacket by Naya Rea
All Doll’s clothing created by Beth Buxton

Make Up Credit:
Products by Nars Cosmetics