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Fuck by Jacob Hopewell

A film that explores the sensory relationship to the word ‘Fuck’ and how different situational context play off each other to create feelings unknown. We follow Mary as she resides alone in a house surrounded by her own thoughts. Unable to escape she is plagued by visions of her own isolated reality within a world where nothing is quite as it seems.

Talent: Jessamine Bliss Bell

Monologue Performed By: Osho Rajneesh
Originally Written By: John Wagner

Director: Jacob Hopewell
DOP: Charlie Herranz
1st AC: Aaron Ludlow
Visual Effects: Patrick Gibson
Colourist: Connor Coolbear
Production Manager: Virginia La Rosa
Composer: Mark Nicholls
End Credit Track: ‘Mountain Bliss’ by Basho’s Pond
Sound Design: Will Puddle
Senior Stylist: Beth Buxton
Junior Stylist: Federica Battistino
Hair and Makeup: Amy Atkins

Clothing Credits:
Black boots by Yuul Yie

Beige Trousers by Joseph
White Shirt by Milo Maria
Brown Leather Mules by Yuul Yie

Black Sheer Dress by Amanda Wakeley
Grey Mules by Yuul Yie
Gold Earrings and Silver Stone Bracelet, Pebble London

Nude Slip Dress by Araks
Red Mules by Yuul Yie

Red Jumper by Daks
Red Mules by Yuul Yie

Skincare: Omorovicza
Makeup: Delilah
Hair: Leonor Greyl

Special thanks to Panavision, Panalux, Carla Terranova, Will Richards, Kris Mazeika and Rosie Lowe