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Negotiating the Mind by Claudia Legge

An art piece acting as an analogy for the difficulty in comprehending other people’s suffering with mental health. The feelings of anxiety, claustrophobia and fear are explored in this film through an underwater world.

Director: Claudia Legge
Editor: Andrew Jonathan Smith
Music: Sophie Naufal
Set Designer: Ciaran Beale
Stylist: Beth Buxton
Fashion Assistant: Elodie Purcell
Model: Dalia Winter (Milk Management)

Clothing Credits
Gold and Blue Stripe Top by Dafna May
Gold and Blue Stripe Skirt by Dafna May
Gold and Blue Stripe Leggings by Dafna May

Red and Silver Stripe Dress by Dafna May
Plastic Skirt by Oh Hey Girl

White Blouse by Oh Hey Girl
Gold Dress, Vintage