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Staccato by Aaron Bevan-Bailey

In this fashion film our unnamed protagonist, a visitor from beyond, takes human form to better understand our world. He attempts to distil meaning in an alien environment through a cacophony of conflicting signals and disconnected symbolism. Sampling and collecting everything he comes across his attempts to acclimate only add to a growing sense of isolation. Finding meaning in a “post truth” planet earth becomes something that cannot be measured, only felt. His senses are overloaded as he struggles to reconcile the chaotic duality in which he finds himself.

An inky, monochromatic palette brings a sense of NeoNoir and claustrophobic anxiety to the film which compliments the sartorial silhouette of our travelers “human” suit. The backdrop of the Californian desert, at once both lunar and familiar, evokes a visual purgatory that mirrors the one our character feels.

Director: Aaron Bevan Bailey
Creative Director & Stylist: Beth Buxton
Production: Red Thread Journal
Set Designer: Ciaran Linden Beale
Grooming: Georgina Hamed using Kiehls and Chantecaille
Actor: Christo Barrett-Hall
Music & Sound Design: Oli Bayston
Fashion Assistant: Elodie Purcell
Fashion Assistant: Michelle Fredlund
Location: Palm Desert, CA and Salton Sea, CA

Clothes in order of appearance

Fan scene: Grey Jacket by Issey Miyake

Bedroom/house scenes:
Grey Jacket and Black Trousers by Issey Miyake
Black Shirt by Aquascutum
Hat by Marcelo Burlon

Dust road Scene: Navy Suit by Aquascutum
Turtleneck by Berthold
Boots by Filippa K

Taxidermy Scene:
Black Patent Shoe by Jimmy Choo

Diner Scene:
Navy Suit by Aquascutum
Turtleneck by Berthold
Boots by Filippa K

Bed Scene:
Black Derby Shoes by Christian Louboutin
Hat by Marcelo Burlon

Microwave Scene: Trench Coat & Trousers by Aquascutum
Boots by Filippa K
Jumper by Ka Wa Key

Desert & Train Scene:
Jacket by Richard James
Jumpsuit by Issey Miyake
Boots by Filippa K

Closing Scene:
Suit by Aquascutum
High Neck Jumper by Ka Wa Key
Shoes by Filippa K
Hat by Marcelo Burlon